MacBook Pro: Real world experience.

The 14 and 16 inch MacBook Pros have arguably been the most talked about laptops of the past year, and deservingly so, as the power to energy ratio offered by these laptops have almost no competition in the market. Sure they might not be as flashy or have a radical design (barring the notch) as the XPS 13plus, but for what these laptops want to be, Apple has most definitely struck the perfect balance.

Photo by SCREEN POST on Unsplash

I personally have been using the 14 incher as my main machine for the past 2weeks and well barring a few minor issues (nothing I couldn't handle) it has been some of the best computing experience I’ve had.

Let’s talk about where I am coming from. I previously used a Lenovo ThinkPad T-450 paired with Kali 2021.4 and being a power linux user I found the very idea of switching from the ThinkPad (who I called Cairo) an absolutely terrifying thought. As anyone who has configured linux will tell you, there is something absolutely satisfying about having the configrations set just right to make the whole user expereince seemless, but the laptop being well over 7 years old, had reached its old age and was taking me absurd amount of time to do the simplest of things (opening a PDF regularly exceeded 2 mins).

How did I land on the MacBook Pro you ask? Well I wish I could say I was wooed in by MacOs but I wasn’t infact that was probably the only concern I had with the MacBook. But with the advent and advancement of Asahi Project I knew I had the option to turn the whole thing into an Penguin based machine. Then what was it you ask? Three very specific reasons namely the fact that the new XPS15 and the ThinkPad X1 Extreme the two other laptops I had shortlisted both had worse battery lives (well it needs to work flawlessly as a laptop) and would take anywhere from 2–4 months to get back in stock the where I live. Combine that with the fact that I got a solid discount as well as a bank offer on the MacBook made MacOs well a very easy pill to swallow.

I am pleased to say that VM Ware Fusion works wonderful to boot up the familiar Kali sign and I set up RDP on the Kali machine incase I missed it too much.

The config I have is M1Pro with 16gb LpDDR5 ram and 1 tb ‘unified memory’ and well I have not had any bottlenecks with the ram even when having a VM running along side Spotify, and some 15 tabs split between brave and safari. The laptops also handles coding quite well.

Now thinking about it the only drawback of this laptop is the lack of upgradability. I know that macs are known to last a absurdly long time and I plan to use it for every second of that, but it would have been nice to have the option to upgrade the machine to 32gb of ram in the future or upgrade the ssd from 1 tb model into a 2 or more tb model.

To conclude with awesome machine, not the wholly grail youtube makes it to be ( the XPS and thinkpads are much closer if not better in some regards) but it is a great machine and is all worth it of its eye-watering price tag



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